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I’m wondering if I’m the only one who heard Arthur whisper ‘Merlin—' and instantly thought of the scene beforehand where Arthur told Merlin he never wanted him to change. Merlin has killed before, only for Arthur. But Arthur has never seen this side of Merlin, never known for him to be a killer. So while Merlin had never really in essence changed, to Arthur he had. The shock in his eyes when he watched Merlin thrust that sword into Morgana and the gasp that accompanied it. In his final moments of life, he realized all that Merlin had done, had sacrificed, all for him. Only for him.

"Only for you, Arthur."

Merlin, to Arthur, had changed. Only for him.


But I also feel like when Arthur’s asking him not to change he’s asking him not to become like Morgana, in a sense. I mean, this is where Arthur realises that Merlin has magic and he probably realises the difference between them. Morgana discovered she had magic she began hating Arthur, but Merlin managed to continue being good and continue loving him despite all the horrible things he’s said over the years about magic and sorcerers. And I think he’s asking him to always be like that… to always be able to love so wholly and be brave in the face of adversity and all that shit. 




couldn’t have said it better myself

You know, I never really thought about this, because in the legends Arthur pulls the sword out of the stone, it’s a time of magic, Arthur’s a great leader, etc. But to Arthur all this talk of his greatness and pulling a sword out of solid stone is crazy talk. He’s just a man, and just barely a leader, neither he or Merlin has magic as far as he knows, and they’ve just been ousted from Camelot. He’s got a few loyal followers and they’re all hanging out in the woods with him. That’s it. But Merlin says to do this, and Merlin is part of him, so he goes off to pull a sword out of solid stone. Despite the fact that if he fails he’ll be humiliated in front of the straggling loyal followers he has left. But Merlin says, so that’s what he does.

I’d like to note that I don’t personally think Arthur always believes that Merlin can pull things off or make everything alright. Merlin’s not always reliable, as far as Arthur knows. They are not always in sync, and Arthur’s not always friendly with Merlin. That changed from episode to episode. But he’s always beloved. He’s very very dearly loved by Arthur, and almost part of him. It’s the sweetest part of this show.

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